Memories of a Holy Roller

By Robert Panton

Author of ‘Memories of a Mental Nurse.’

Copyright 2013 Robert Panton

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I would like to have you know from the very beginning that I’m not very enamoured with the title of this book, as I don’t like the term ‘Holy Roller,’ which I believe is an American, derogatory term for a born again Christian, and an old time Pentecostal believer.

The main thing though, is that I wanted a title that would stand out and I hope that it does!

Nevertheless I would hate you to reject this book because you think it’s about religion.

It isn’t.

All right, it is, and it isn’t!

It’s a history of a person; myself, who, having a sense of humour but also getting myself involved with the Pentecostal church, has had an interesting and sometimes unusual, often amusing life; certainly not a boring one.

Born again’ is another term that is frowned upon by some and scoffed at by others, nevertheless it is something that by Gods grace I believe myself to be.

As far as the ‘Holy roller’ term is concerned though, it was just a ‘Sit up and take notice’ title for my book.

For anyone who isn’t religious, please read on further, because this isn’t some sort of theological work and it also isn’t intended as an evangelical outpouring, but it is definitely about people.

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