Dia Thorpe

W Bradley

Copyright by W Bradley

Published at Smashwords

It’s a peculiar feeling, not knowing who you are through the loss of memory. This feeling of peculiarity is accentuated when you meet an alien and don’t become overly concerned for your safety.

It had been weeks since the day I met Gheid, who apparently came from a planet called Kad. At the time I’d thought I wasn’t as afraid as I should have been because I didn’t really have anything to live for. Soon after I couldn’t shake the sense I recognised Gheid’s species; the jet black skin and noseless face. I had seen one of his kind before. The more I thought about it, the more I believed I knew of him and of the planet Kad.

I found myself lying awake most nights, desperately trying to break down whatever mental boundaries were stopping the access of those memories which would confirm I was right. I had no success however. I slowly resigned myself to the fact I would have to wait and hope my mind would heal of its own accord.

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