The Legend of Ba-Ba-Co-Tay

Tiffany T.J. Craig

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Tiffany T.J. Craig

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Once, many moons ago, when the Earth Mother was still young, Ba-ba-co-tay roamed the forests and woodlands. He spent his days in search of food to fill his stomach, and his nights in search of something he did not remember. Ba-ba-co-tay never slept.

One day, he ate a pretty little mushroom and fell into a deep sleep. He dreamed, for the first time in his life. In his dream, the Earth Mother came to him, flowing like a gentle stream in palest moonlight.

“Ba-ba-co-tay,”, she said, “what are you searching for?”

“I don’t remember.”, he answered.

“If you do not remember, then why do you still search?”, the Earth Mother asked gently.

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