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“I search to be searching.”, Ba-ba-co-tay replied. “If I do not keep searching, I will not find that for which I search.”

“If you do not know for what you search, how will you know when you have found it?”, the Earth Mother asked.

“I will know.”, he replied. “in my heart, I will know.”

The Earth Mother nodded in satisfaction. “It is good. I will help you on this journey. Look into the sky, Ba-ba-co-tay. There will you find that which will show you the way.”, she said, and flowed back into the mists of memory.

When Ba-ba-co-tay awoke, all was dark. He felt a strange peacefulness in his body. The sleep had been good. He stretched, and looked around him. The darkness was good, too. He heard the Earth Mothers’ words in his head, and looked up at the sky. How friendly the stars were, but there was nothing there to guide him in his search.

Wait! A star was soaring across the night sky! Behind it was a stream of light that made Ba-ba-co-tays’ eyes grow wide with wonder at its beauty.

I will follow this star, Ba-ba-co-tay thought to himself. It will not hurt anything. I must go somewhere to search. That way will be as good as any.

He set off in the direction that the star had been moving. He traveled for many moons, eating in the day, searching in the dark. After a while, Ba-ba-co-tay came to a valley. It was quiet. The trees whispered in a gentle breeze, wildflowers danced on the hillsides, and a silvery stream flowed merrily through the tall grasses that dipped and swayed. Butterflies flitted around the wildflowers, and bees buzzed happily to and fro.

Ba-ba-co-tay felt his heart. It was quiet, too. Could this be that for which he had been searching? A movement caught his eye, but there was nothing. Ba-ba-co-tay shook his head. It had been brother wind playing a trick on him.

Wait! There it was again! He watched as the figure came closer and kneeled down by the stream to drink its water. He was interested in the long, dark hair, and the slender figure covered in doe hide. He felt his heart beat more strongly inside his body when he noticed the graceful curve of a horn growing from her forehead. The figure was a she, just like he!

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