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Diary of Infection: A New Life

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Diary Of Infection: A New Life

Copyright © 2010 by Bridget Squires

Someone once told me mankind and ants are the only species who declare war on each other. A professor of ethics 125 I believe. I used to sit on my porch in the summertime staring at the tile walkway I had built with my father, watching the ants go about their business.One time these two big carpenter ants, I think they were, got into a fight over a cookie crumb. The two ants locked together, curled around each other, biting with those big pinchers and tried to tear each other apart. I watched with morbid curiosity as to which would succeed and take off with the prize. Eventually one ant maimed the other by biting its leg off and as it went to claim the crumb, I stepped on it and squished it into the tile. Smiling to myself I watched as the maimed one gathered the crumb and went off with its bounty. I always did root for the little guy I guess.

When the z bomb dropped, that was the first memory to come up in my mind. People suffered, scrambled and lost their lives but came back as something new, something deadly. It spread quickly, no one ever listens to those emergency broadcast messages you know. And honestly who knew chemical warfare was so close to a reality? Who knew the government would build a disease to end all wars, to control all nations? No one could have known or been prepared.

Then to unleash it, now that was a tad bit hasty on the good ol' U.S of A's part. I remember when it hit; everyone could feel the earth shiver. Miscalculation doesn't even come close to cutting what really happened. The bomb hit New Jersey and the disease wiped out millions then brought them back. I survived a long time, a long, long time. Proud as I was, we all mess up eventually. Pride is the sin that just keeps getting better. I turned within 2 weeks of initial infection, and I have been shuffling ever since.

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