And you?” he asked politely.

Well,” the Ensign answered, “the revision of all three upper pylons will be finished today. I will have to make a complete report on that, and I still have to deliver the weekly engineering reports today, so I will have quite a long and busy day.”

Romyana finished her breakfast and then said, “I’ll be going then. I suppose it is futile to tell you to take it easy and get some rest.”

True.” Julian said and sank away in his coffee mug again.

Romyana knew Julian well enough to know that when he was busy on such a project, he would work on it for weeks and would not sleep for days on end.

The Ensign went to report to Mr. O’Brien, who was assisting some technicians with repair to one of the pylons docking ports.

Morning, Chief. Reporting for duty.” she said.

Mornin’ Romyana.” Chief O’Brien was in an excellent mood today.

How are the status reports coming?” he asked.

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