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In time, our spaceship arrived at the site of the distress signal. It was coming from what looked like a research station: an artificially-built satellite about the size of a small complex. They were far from civilization, housed up to ten people max, and were generally pretty loaded. In other words, the perfect prey for the two of us.

I turned to Nate.

"So, the usual plan?"

"Lure them into a false sense of security, stun all of them, take everything that's not bolted down, kidnap the ones that look like they'll be the most fun to torment?"

"That's the one."

We sent their station a signal, indicating that we've come to help. Time passed by without any sort of response.

"Think it could be a trap?"

"Could be. What if we're the ones who end up getting captured and molested this time?"

"That might be fun in its own way. Let's go for it."

We prepared ourselves to board the station. Nate was wearing a black sleeveless shirt, and beige cargo pants. His jet-black hair was pulled back within a stylish green bandanna. I had on a red tank top accenting my breasts and exposing my stomach, and tight, form-fitting black shorts that left little to the imagination. It'll be useful as a distraction against guys (and sometimes girls) if it came down to it. We were both armed with stun guns, meant to incapacitate a target for hours.

Bracing ourselves for the worst, we connected with the station, and opened the airlock, granting us passage inside. A dimly-lit, misty corridor greeted us. Looks like the station was on reserve power. There was no one around, giving off an eerie atmosphere with how silent and deserted the place was. After all, there had to be someone here that sent that distress signal, right?

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