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The Rock That Was Afraid To Swim

by Piso Mojado

Smashwords Edition

copyright 2012

The Rock That Was Afraid To Swim

Everyone called the rock 'Rocky'. He was a large, almost perfectly oval piece of granite. His size was imposing, but he was actually very friendly. Everyone liked Rocky, but everyone that knew him also complained behind his back that Rocky was stubborn and set in his ways. Rocky never liked to do the activities that his best friends enjoyed.

Rocky's best friends, like Liz the lizard, Fleance the flea, and Bullfrog the bullfrog, always knew where to find Rocky the rock. He seemed to never stray from his spot near Oak Tree.

Liz was a lizard that liked to feel the heat of the sun on her back. "It warms my blood," she told Rocky. "I like the sun more than the shade. I like your company, Rocky, but I don't want to waste this beautiful summer day sitting in the shadows. Let's go for a walk."

"I don't feel like a walk," Rocky told her. "I never walk. I don't think I've gone for a walk in a million years. Maybe never."

"You never feel like going for a walk?"

"I like just sitting here, Liz."

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