She Devils of Europa

Tara Loughead

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Tara Loughead

For Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson

"Working holiday?"

"I'm afraid so, Bulays." Ghaavn smiled. "Look on the bright side, though. It isn't often someone offers you a complete stay at the most expensive resort in the Solar System. Plus, Deena and Schteve are included." Ghaavn patted the forearm of the latter man; as they strolled along the boardwalk, arm in arm.

"You don't think it's because Daul Joan still fancies you, love?" Ghaavn grinned.

"Oh course she does!" Schteve piped up. "Doesn't everybody?"

"No!" Deena replied, her arm around the waist of the tall blonde woman at her side. She pulled Bulays in close, then tilted her head up, ocular visor gleaming, to steal a quick kiss.

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