The Neighbor Series (bonus Wife Wants Anal)

Pat Turner

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Pat Turner

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The Neighbor’s Daughter

“I hate nice summer days,” I thought to myself on the morning drive home from my night-shift job. Well, the truth is I don’t, but I have to sleep during the day and it’s hard enough to get a good rest while working night-shift, never mind when it is so nice outside that you want to enjoy the day also.

I arrived home just before my wife Amy was loading the kids in the car to drop at school on her way to work. A pretty typical day, I get to see them for about five or ten minutes, then they’re gone. I will get to see them for a little while in the afternoon, but then I have to head back to work. Night-shift really sucks on the love life also. I’m lucky to get laid about once a month. It never fails that we’re too busy running the kids to soccer, football and other events on the weekends, leaving one of us too tired or cranky for a good long fuck.

As I typically do after the wife and kids leave, I grabbed a cold beer to wind down and have a shower before hitting the sack. Amy hates it when I grab a beer first thing in the morning, but for me it’s night time, so I wait until she leaves. After a nice hot shower I head to the kitchen for another beer when the doorbell rings. Great, someone wanting to sell me something. My daytime sleep usually gets interrupted a few times a week by the doorbell or phone.

I throw on my lounge pants and open the door to be surprised by Erin, the daughter of my next door neighbor. What a sight to think of when heading to bed! She is about nineteen years old and has been away at college. Wow, has she grown up! Standing before me in a Spandex biking suit is a young woman that makes men drool. Slim, but not skinny, and about five feet eight inches tall, her athletic legs looked amazing in those tight shorts. I have a hard time getting my focus to her face, which really says something because she has a smile that would make men give her a kidney, if she asked.

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