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5 The Pixie Woods

6 The Cave

7 Lyte Spinning

8 Old News

9 The Party

10 Poetry and Plans

11 Riddles and Old Poems

12 Opening the Door

13 Exploring Beyond the Door

14 Berries and Belvedere

15 Back from the Herb Garden

16 Honey and Hiding

17 Pixie Brouhaha

18 Danger in the Dark

19 Unexpected

20 Fox Hunt

21 Out of the Bag

22 Tooth or Talon

23 Thunder and Pixie Dust

24 Lost World


Just off the main highway, away from the noise and bustle, a side road branched off and led to houses that were spaced far enough apart to give some privacy to the residents. Nestled in a group of apple trees sat a one-story brick house with red leaves scattered on the newly shingled roof.

Many more leaves were strewn at the feet of two enormous oak trees that towered over the home. The trees had provided shade all through the long hot summer. Now that winter was approaching, their large branches still offered a shield for the house. A winding driveway made a path through the apples trees. Apples hung on branches just out of reach, waiting to be picked and turned into pies, cobblers, cider, and apple butter.

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