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Bubblegum and Suckers

A Children's Book for Adults

(Illustrations to come?)

This is a rough draft and lightly edited and is not to be re-distributed via the web though it may be shared by email.

Bubblegum and suckers, fudge and cookies for all! This among other things was their rallying cry and no one can cry louder than seven and eight year olds deprived of supper and sleep. A sleepy populace heeded their call and thought that a little youthful vigor might be just what the country needed. A fresh wind to blow on stale and intractable issues was needed and every other sort had been tried: but not children. Not, that is, until now.

They skimpered and scampered all about the Hill. They swarmed it in mass, roiling over the capital like a frothy flood. They swung from chandeliers and leapt from desks. The capital police looked on; they were not amused. No parents in sight and no threat of discipline to concern them, the children found their offices and set out to govern as they had been elected to do.

"Bubble gum and suckers for the masses!" some cried.

"No, fudge and cookies for all!" cried others.

"But what about the economy?" asked an exasperated grandpa who had been touring the town when the melee descended upon it.

"We shall fix it!" said Big Brother, coming in right then.

"But how? People are out of work and businesses are not hiring!" said grandpa.

"The Government shall give them jobs!" asserted Big Brother. All the children cheered.

And that is what the children did. The Government hired people left and right to do any number of jobs. Some of the jobs had formerly been done by Big Business but others were invented on the spot. Jobs like, Administrator of the Administrator of the Administrator of the Administrator of the Administrator of the Disburser of Funds to the Administrator of the Administrator to the Manager of the Gum Scrapers. Where some only saw one job the children saw nine and patted themselves on the back for their ingenuity and good intentions fulfilled so easily.

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