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Right to Life


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Copyright 2012

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Matthew and Kristine Smith sat anxiously in the waiting room. Although they had expected this to be a routine appointment, one they had arranged weeks in advance as part of Kristine’s prenatal care, what the doctor had said the night before when Matthew called to confirm the appointment had made for a sleepless night and a very anxious morning.

There is something I would like to discuss with you, Mr. Smith,” Dr. Turner had told him after the pleasantries and confirmation were out of the way.

What is it?” Matthew had asked. “Is there something wrong with the baby?”

No, no,” Dr. Turner replied. Too quickly, Matthew thought. “No, the baby is healthy. No physical abnormalities were found.”

Then what is it, Doctor?” Matthew had asked. Kristine heard the panic in his voice from the kitchen and came into Matthew’s home office to see what was wrong.

It’s something I would rather discuss with you and your wife in person,” the doctor said. “I hope you’ll be accompanying her tomorrow?”

I will be now!” Matthew said.

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