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The Seed of Elder Gods


Lindsey Purl

* * *

Amanda adjusted her white bikini over her small, perky tits and leaned against the railing of the boat. The day was beautiful, just like almost every other day for the past three weeks. The bright sun hung in a cloudless sky, shimmering off seawater so blue and clear it was like looking through glass for the first several meters down. A shoal of vibrantly colored fish wove their way through the coral far below the boat. On the distant horizon was the barest hint of the nearest island, an uninhabited burst of jungle green in the otherwise calm sea-blue. Amanda sighed in pleasure. This is the life, she thought wistfully.

The sound of Nicole dropping the scuba gear behind her jarred her out of her thoughts. She turned to watch the busty blonde tie her hair back and fiddle with the hose on the tank of air. The simple black string bikini she wore stretched perilously over her round chest, and her round firm ass was tight with the effort she was giving the gear. Amanda didn’t realize she was staring until Nicole looked up and caught her eyes. She smiled, letting Amanda know that she’d been caught, but didn’t mention it.

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