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The Internet is such a powerful tool. It has ushered the age of direct access to information. I could say that I am one of its early advocates and truly I have benefitted much from it. The multi-faceted advantages that can be derived ranges from Intellectual – Social – to most of all -Financial.

The Internet is such a personal tool. The level of development depends solely on one’s capability and ability. The amount of time one spends online can determine the level of gain. In fact, one can even earn a degree online giving a new meaning to long-distance learning. With the advent of social-networking sites like Facebook – one can even gauge how many friends he/she has. It is the facility of using the internet – be it in the comfort of your own home or in gaming shops or internet cafes that this idea to share my experience was born.

I am no stranger to the realities of unemployment. Every year, a new batch of graduates joins the jobless pool as opportunities are scarce. This labor pool is the one with most time in their hands. And they find solace at their fingertips. It only needs a certain amount of creativeness and imagination to be able to synergize everything in their midst. But one thing is sure about this labor pool – the determination to succeed.

They are highly motivated to earn that they are willing to try everything to get income. If one can take that drive fuse with the opportunities available in the internet one can definitely succeed.

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