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Dedicated to Abba Father, our only God, Jesus Christ who blessed me with the Holy Spirit; from whom I get revelation and wisdom, in love and the truth. This God of mine created me many years ago and stayed with me all along. He had a purpose for me, He knew all along How He was going to send strangers to cross my path with purpose determined by Him.

More than thirty seven years ago a strange woman crossed my path; her life purposed by the Almighty to stay with me, to love me and guide me for as long as it takes. She did just that, and much, so much more. She gave me a son, not any son, one that was blessed and purposed by God to play a major role in my life towards God’s purpose for me.

Thank You Father, for my lovely wife, Your warrior woman, Etricia, our son Liaan and for all the other people crossing my path to fulfill Your purpose for me. Honoring me with eternal life in Your kingdom, Holy, Royal and Chosen.

To all my Friends; all my brothers and sisters, in flesh and above all in Spirit (all His People in Every Nation); Yesterday, is unchangeably gone forever. Take your past experiences; learn from it, put your TRUST and FAITH in the hands of Jesus Christ today. Forgive everybody in your life, as He has forgiven you. Go out NOW in the knowledge that the GRACE of God is with you and enjoy today and every other day, with JOY because you LIVE again. Do NOT turn away; He is worth every minute of you in His Spirit. Let Him into your Life, live with the Spirit, from the inside out and God will honor your Life.

God created everybody in His image, for His purpose, for His honor.

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