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Five Tales for the Campfire – Volume Two

A Collection of Dark Fantasy Short Stories

A. E. Mableson

Five dark fantasy short stories of that will chill the blood in your veins

The hour is getting late. A fire crackles and pops and the group huddles together closer to the fire, basking in the comfort of its warmth and light. The s’mores are now a pleasant memory.

Somewhere off in the distance an owl hoots. Crickets are chirping and the eerie howl of the coyote punctuates the symphony of night sounds.

It is time for spooky stories. You know, the kind of stories that will chill your spine and flip your heart up into your mouth.

These five dark fantasy short stories will chill your blood and have you hearing strange sounds in the underbrush. They will have you looking over your shoulder, half expecting to see the impassive features of Death himself as he reaches for your soul.

This is Collection Two of the Tales For the Campfire Series. Ten Tales For the Campfires includes these five stories.

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