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Texas Tornado

By Jolene Faye

Copyright 2012 Jolene Faye

Smashwords Edition

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Texas Tornado

The crisp morning air whistled a sad tune through the door wing window of the old man’s truck. The clanging of shovels, rakes and other tools in the bed of the truck as it bumped along the muddy dirt road broke the silence that had been suffocating in the cab of the vehicle for the last fifteen miles. She loved the beginning of spring when everything was new and fresh. That’s what Megan had hoped for when she met the kindly old man a few months ago, a new and fresh start to her life. The snail’s pace of the truck gave her time to take in the scenery around her. The newly grown grasses dipped in the shimmering dew of this morning’s fog. She smiled softly as the calves in the roadside pastures frolicked around their mothers'. The sun crawled slowly over the mountain top as it turned the thing wispy clouds into a beautiful portrait of radiant pastel colors.

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