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The cover image displays the tactical progression of “soft warfare.” First, introduce gangs of terrorists, calling them “freedom fighters.” Second, the bandits spread chaos with attacks, such as this car bombing. Third, after cynically pinning their own atrocities on the Syrian government and spreading this Big Lie worldwide through the corporate-controlled media, they call for NATO intervention (Russia, with its only warm-water naval base in Syria, won’t allow a UN resolution to attack.) Finally, a proud, prosperous and independent nation is pummeled into submission by American weapons of mass destruction.

The images form a letter L, spelling LIBYA.

Due to a change of editors and from hyperlinks to footnotes, it was not practical to include Chapter 3 in the ebook as originally envisioned. Chapter 3, The Prospect of Regional War, is available only in the print version.

Current Table of Contents

Publisher’s Note


Prelude: The Arab Spring
The Timeline—2008-2010: Preparing the Battlefield
2011: Year of the Dupe

Uprising & Insurgency in Syria

Chapter One: Mystery Gunmen, Armed Militants, and Foreign Intrigue

Working Notes

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