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Sluts and Saddles


Cindy May

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Cindy May

Southern Belle Rose Lynn lives in a trailer park. The single mom needs dollars to get her kids thru college, so spreads her legs for a horse sex porn film in Mexico. Back in Georgia, her 18 y.o. twins, Matt and the cute redheaded Tracy, have their own intimate secrets, and ask awkward questions! Gangbangs, horse and doggy sex, prostitution, red-hot incest, striptease, porn films, romance. Adult

‘Sluts and Saddles’ takes up the story of Rose Lynn Malone where we left off at the end of ‘Born Again Whore’, when Dolores Maria Garcia De Martinez is leading the nervous Southern Belle across to the magnificent 16 hand high stallion Diablo for some ‘on camera’ fun. Mandy Klein, who works as a fluffer at the studios has blotted her copybook big time already, and is gonna pay for her bad behavior.

Before long Mandy, Rose Lynn and the twins, eighteen year old Matthias Bedford Malone II and Tracy Lee II are swept up into a red-hot story of gangbang sex, incest and love.


When Pedro had deflowered her the night before, she was off-her-mind thanks to the spiked drink, but he was only a donkey so there was no risk of being left holding the baby. As Mandy lay on the hood of the 1959 Dodge Coronet, with Reuben’s black cum dripping out of her slit, it was a bit different.

Reuben and any other guy who unloaded in her could do the business. Trying to tell your little boy or girl that they had been conceived on the hood of an overheated two tone green Dodge Coronet in the middle of the Sonoran desert by a guy she’d never seen in her life was kinda weird.

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