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A short fictional story by Libby O’Neill

Published by Libby O’Neill at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Libby O’Neill

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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How many times did I promise? Was it such a chore - to visit my sister? What held me back? When did I become so aloof? I sigh with regret, remembering that phone conversation with Claire.

“Can’t you come down for just one day?” she’d pleaded with me. “We could shop or hang out at the flat...catch a movie. We can go wherever you like, do whatever you want...”

At last, I am here. I park in a narrow residential street behind the suburban railway station and walk past a faded but very familiar block of units. As a young student I boarded here with an ancient aunt. My sister didn’t have that luxury. The lone jacaranda tree still stands in the front yard and mauve blossoms, shed like tears, weave a textured carpet over dull grey cement.

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