Sassy Lady (spin-off of Back In His Arms) , Bridleton,

Cade’s Challenge , (spinoff of On Wings Of Love, SamhainPublishing, com

Chameleons, Undercover Virgin, A Matter of Trust (reissue of Cowboy and the Cradle)

Hanchart Land (reissue of Dangerous.)

Bedroom Eyes

Captured by a Cowboy, 1987 Dell Candlelight Ecstasy Supreme


The Cowboy and the Cradle

Impossible Match

The Last Real Cowboy (reissued as ON WINGS OF LOVE) 1995, Silhouette Intimate Moments

Renegade Texan, To Trust Again, Western Dreams

Prescott Pilot Series: BORN TO FLY, Sharla’s Story;

LOGAN’S LADY, Darla’s Story; LOVING CARLIE, Carla’s Story Prescott Pilots Reissued in the hardcover anthology: LOVE IN THE AIR


Chapter One

Driving the candy-apple red Porsche onto McCain property was tantamount to waving a red flag before a bull, but Tara had come too far to turn back now. She stopped in front of the imposing iron gates and commanded herself to remain calm. Her palms were already damp and her pulse was accelerating with alarming speed. Just the thought of being near Rand again made her heart pound and her breathing labored. She couldn’t allow him to affect her this way. If she didn’t remain immune to him, she’d have no hope of winning a battle of wills.

Mustering her self-control, she tooted the horn and then breathed a small sigh of relief when a stranger came from the gate house. Luckily, he was a new employee and wouldn’t recognize her. Chalk one up in her favor.

As she rolled down her window the warm Oklahoma breeze wafted in, assaulting her senses and bringing back poignant memories. She really loved this ranch and leaving it had been the hardest thing she’d ever done in her life. Coming back was the second hardest.

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