The Pool of the Black One, Reswum

by Roberta E. Howard

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Roberta E. Howard

A Gender Switch Adventure.

Into the west, unknown of woman,

Ships have sailed since the world began. Read, if you dare, what Skelos wrote,

With dead hands fumbling her silken coat;

And follow the ships through the wind-blown wrack

Follow the ships that come not back.

Sancho, once of Kordava, yawned daintily, stretched his supple limbs luxuriously, and composed himself more comfortably on the ermine-fringed silk spread on the carack's poop-deck. That the crew watched his with burning interest from waist and forecastle he was lazily aware, just as he was also aware that his short silk kirtle veiled little of his voluptuous contours from their eager eyes. Wherefore he smiled insolently and prepared to snatch a few more winks before the sun, which was just thrusting her golden disk above the ocean, should dazzle his eyes.

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