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The Devil in Iron, Respawned

by Roberta E. Howard

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Roberta E. Howard

A Conyn the Barbarian story

A Gender Switch Adventure

* * *


The fisherwoman loosened her knife in its scabbard. The gesture was instinctive, for what she feared was nothing a knife could slay, not even the saw-edged crescent blade of the Yuetshi that could disembowel a woman with an upward stroke. Neither woman nor beast threatened her in the solitude which brooded over the castellated isle of Xapur.

She had climbed the cliffs, passed through the jungle that bordered them, and now stood surrounded by evidences of a vanished state. Broken columns glimmered among the trees, the straggling lines of crumbling walls meandered off into the shadows, and under her feet were broad paves, cracked and bowed by roots growing beneath.

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