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Mind Games

Scott Buckingham

Copyright 2012 by Scott Buckingham

Smashwords Edition


For my friends who shared Munich with me 19/5/12, especially Trevor, Tim Declan and Val.

"We waited so long we will wait forever

Our blood is blue and we will leave you never

When we make it , it will be together."



CHAPTER 1 The Puzzle

The man opened his eyes and looked around. He had no idea how he had arrived at this place, or for how long he had been asleep. He tried to take in the scene surrounding him.

He found that he was sitting on a bench in a park that he did not recognise. There were a few people walking around the pleasant scenery, but it was fairly quiet and no one seemed to be taking any notice of him. It was warm and he checked his watch to find out the time, only to find that it was gone. Fearing that he had been robbed while he had been asleep, he reached into his jacket pocket for his wallet and was relieved to find that it was still there. He opened it and found his money to be intact, though to his horror, his bankcard and driving licence were both missing. Checking his pockets, he realised that his mobile phone was no longer in his possession either. It was odd that the robber had left the money, but he gave that no more than a brief thought at this time. He needed to establish his own whereabouts and then he would inform the bank to put a stop on his card as soon as possible. He got up and started to walk through the lines of trees, hoping to be heading for the exit.

He started to piece together his last movements in an effort to work out how he had ended up here, wherever here was. Try as he might, the last clear memory he had was of being on the train in the morning on his way to work. After that, there was nothing until he awoke just now. It did not make any sense to him. How did he get from the train to where he now found himself? He found the exit from the park and was relieved to soon recognise the area he was now located. He had been in Regents Park in central London and was now aware of the familiar streets and sounds of the city around him and he started to feel a little better. He walked swiftly along towards the underground train station and was soon on his way back to Euston and then onto the mainline train to his home.

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