The First Volume in the Series

YUK! I Hate Vegibles

Imagine being eight years old and never, ever, having to eat any healthy vegetables or fruit. Isn’t this the majority of children today? Well, this story is about a young girl who is whisked away to live on her aunt’s farm and unfortunately for Charlie, this aunt grows and sells fruit and vegetables for a living. The problem is this farm, along with all the surrounding farms and land, has been earmarked for purchase by a huge conglomerate corporation. No-one is aware of what is happening except for a mangy box of vegetables that just happen to talk.

The Metamorphosis of Charlotte Beaumont ©

Yuk! I Hate Vegibles

First Edition – January 2010

ISBN 978-0-9565412-0-8

Published by Gloven Ltd

Author Nola Baldwin Illustrations by Allison Bair

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