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My appreciation for the device was interrupted when a loud swoosh signaled the door opening. I turned to see two guards enter the room. I stiffened.

Behind me the magister spoke. "You'll be stationed in a private room at the lodge. Due to the nature of your contract, you'll be expected to stay there until the displaying is over."

The nature of my contract, I thought with a smirk. It was a nice way of saying they were locking me in my room to make sure I didn't have the sudden urge to get rid of my virginity. They didn't have to worry. I had come too far to risk that. Being a healthy man in his twenties, I might have been ruled out all together for a virgin's auction except that on Rakis it wasn't unusual for a man to be a least with other men. Luckily, my past relations with women didn't drop my worth for this particular sector of the Raw Market.

"Please remember to wash and change into the appropriate garments for the showing. Everything will be available in your quarters." The magister continued. "Good luck and may you fetch a high price."

Then I was gently, but firmly, being guided out of the magister's office and towards the lodge. The lodge was a short distance from the office through a sterile tunnel lit with bluish white light and cameras. It was a security measure. We stopped at the lodge's entrance where armed guards' checked the identity chips embedded in my guards arms and then scanned my collar. Satisfied, they finally allowed us inside.

Stepping from the tunnel and into the lodge was like a burst of sensation. Golden light filled the room, revealing a hedonistic paradise. All around me tropical plants climbed the walls and exotic flowers hung from branches in bursts of reds and purples. Their perfumed scents danced in the air and mixed with the smell of oranges and pomegranates. I could feel my stomach tightened with hunger and I realized I hadn't eaten today.

Then all thought of hunger vanished as we stepped deeper into the lounge and my eyes widened at the sight before me. Slick skin slid against each other and the distinct grunts of people finding pleasure with one another filled the room. All around me, men and women lay around in naked abandon, touching each other, nails scrapping down backs, tongues wrapped around organs, making slurping sounds as they sucked their partners deeper into their mouths. My cock tightened, pushing against the seam of my pants, and I suddenly understood why I was to be locked in my room.

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