Maria Rachel Hooley


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One moment, Carrie Williams is eight months pregnant and driving to meet her husband Robbie.  The next, a silver streak rushes into her car's path.  Carrie tries to turn the wheel, resulting in a horrific accident.  It is in Carrie's dying moments that she sees the alien, an explorer from a race who doesn’t believe humans exist. After the alien almost collides with car, she senses the small life form in Carrie's body and merges her form with that dying human body to save a life, unaware how that single choice will change everything for both races.

Chapter One

Dusk burned itself into the late summer sky, and the sun set fire to the heavens, burnishing the clouds in shades of orange and gold. Oh, it was beautiful all right, but it was blinding, as well, Carrie Williams thought, squinting as she drove into the light. Granted, she was on a dirt road barely wide enough for two cars. No one ever really drove down it except her and her husband. There wasn’t much out in the direction of their house, ten miles south of Kilbrough, Oregon, the nearest town. Still, Carrie prided herself on being safe, and, as her free hand reached down and smoothed the dress over her full belly, she knew she had a reason to keep staying safe.

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