Grandma's Motorcycle

By Carlene Eye

copyright 2012 Carlene Eye

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Have you ever been bored? Seriously bored for days-on-end when life seems to be nothing but a repeat of the day before, day after day?

I was stuck in that mode in my late forties when an acquaintance announced he was selling his Honda motorcycle for $250. Two thoughts raced into my mind. I could afford $250 without straining the budget; and it sounded like fun to be a forty-plus grandma riding around on a motorcycle. To my husband's horror and my children's shock, I bought the well-used, under powered, barely street-legal Honda 450.

At a friend's wise insistence, I bought a full face helmet and started my motorcycle summer.

The seller rode the bike to our house and collected his $250. My youngest, elementary-age children gathered around the ancient bike in awe, each demanding to be the first to ride with Mama on the bike. I pushed the bike a couple blocks from our house to a remote strip of gravel road, started it, and took off, sans children who all stood and watched. I rode nearly forty feet before dumping it and me on the loose gravel.

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