Copyright Carolyn Chambers Clark, 2012

Smashwords Edition


Chapter 1

Redington Shores, Florida

10 p.m., Monday

Dick Whitney sat opposite the most beautiful woman in the dining room. From his position, he could look out at the full moon and the thousand stars garnishing the sky above the Gulf of Mexico. He could inhale the smell of garlic bread and the rich tomato-basil sauce that lingered in the air of Antonio’s Ristorante. Dick wasn't focusing on the delicious smells or the view, at least not the one out the window. He feasted his eyes on his red-haired companion and raised his drink. “Happy Birthday.”

Ann smiled and crinkled her nose, one of the things he loved most about her. They clinked glasses and then he stared at her, amazed. This fantastic woman had chosen to marry him, a scruffy newspaper man fifteen years her senior.

She looked the same as she had on their wedding day. She still adored him. He could see it dancing in those luminous green eyes of hers.

The soft light put a sheen in Ann's red hair and made orange shadows in the folds of her peach top and linen skirt. "Thanks for the gift," she said in her clear alto. How he loved that voice. It could calm him in a crisis or urge him on during lovemaking.

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