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Also by Brian K. Henry

Space Command and the Planets of Doom

In an irregular galaxy somewhere in the universe, the officers of Space Command voyage through planetary systems, forever exploring, researching, and hunting for vulnerable, potential colonial outposts. Join them on their sometimes absurd, sometimes surreal, always bizarre ventures.

Praise for Space Command and the Planets of Doom

I loved this book! The adventures...were full of dry comedy. I enjoyed every adventure Space Command sent their intrepid crew to experience. – Ramona,

Fans of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett should get a laugh out of these absurd outer space tales. If you like your space comedy dry, these ultra short tales are stirred to a James Bondian martini perfection of slightly bitter, but gut-busting dryness. – Rick J.,

Brian's collection of shorts is a how-to of how not to explore alien planets. An adjetive laden macabre romp thru the absurd. Thorougly entertaining and worthy of note. – David L. Erickson,

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