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A few weeks into the war and the Master Gunner of the British Army is a worried man. The Royal Artillery is by far and away the most professional arm of the British Army, but well below establishment in modern guns and it's going to take a long delay before the ordnance factories can catch up on the demand.

One day the MG is lunching with General Pile, the head of the Royal Artillery Anti-Aircraft units, and he mentions his empty gun parks. General Pile reminds the MG that the AA branch is also short of modern guns, and is introducing rockets as a substitute for heavy AA guns. In fact an experimental batch of the new three inch AA rockets have just finished firing trials in Jamaica and the weapon has been passed for service. Might there not be a possibility of using the three inch rocket as an artillery weapon? Rockets can never be as accurate as guns of course, but they're cheap and easy to produce and can carry a heavy payload of explosive.

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