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Lost Hope

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Lost Hope

Published by Rebecca Hart at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Rebecca Hart

Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean -- August 1649

Sailors shouted to each other, their feet scuffling across the deck as their swords clashed in battle. The air in the lady hole reeked of gunpowder and death. Thankfully, the cannonballs, which had been smashing into the ship’s hull with regular, deafening precision, had stopped. A young couple huddled together in the dark. The man wrapped his arms around the woman, who feverishly rocked a swaddled bundle. She cast a wide-eyed glance at her husband as the infant wailed its dismay at the top of her lungs.

If you don’t hush her, Margaret, they'll find us,” the man said.

The woman rocked faster. “I’m trying.”

The door to the tiny compartment screeched open.  The couple squinted toward the portal. A tall shadow filled the doorway, backlit by bright sunlight. Green eyes glowed from the dark form, its thick voice echoed through the tiny closet.

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