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Selected thoughts on human development

Vladimir Poklad

Published by Vladimir Poklad at Smashwords

Copyright 2012, 2013 Vladimir Poklad

This book examines the proverbial meaning of life, which I take to mean developing individual self-awareness and self-sufficiency. It also addresses the role of temptation in the process of this development, as well as becoming conscious of the near boundlessness of one’s opportunities. The book also analyzes the five main conditions of the human mind (slave, Servant, Master, Warrior, Priest) and behavior typical of people in these conditions as they go through life participating in various organizations, societies, and their own families.

The book is intended for people interested in philosophy, psychology, sociology, management, and esotericism, as well as those looking for self-improvement. Don’t think of it as a treatise on spirituality; rather, it’s a systematized collection of thoughts that I would have been appreciated hearing in my youth, or maybe even in my childhood.

Disclaimer: the content of this text represents the author's own thoughts and opinions, drawn from his personal experience. Author assumes no liability for any action taken by the reader based on this content.

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