you cant dress it up

it is what it is

and works the way they planned it

racism isn’t a human or personal reality

it is nothing more than a political reality

they use this reality

as a tool to cut us apart

and make the provisions necessary

to keep themselves in positions

that ensure them as rulers over us

and to keep us at each others throats

we need to make decisions to get this right

from point a to point b

we know where he’s coming from

so why don’t we as a people

come together as one nation under a movement

to represent the power of love honor and self respect

for each and every one of us

where do we go from here

I only know that if we unite

and believe in the higher power

who is was and always will be the most high

all we can do is win

and fly on high on the spirit of truth

just us and all the rest

you know just maybe we can look at this

from another point of view

in a way where as one can see it

from both sides of the coin

then just maybe I can come to a state of mind

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