Copyrights and Acknowledgments

“Blood on Vellum: Notes from the Editor-in-Chief” Copyright 2012 by Lynne M. Thomas

“The Silk Merchant” Copyright 2012 by Ken Liu

“Ironheart” Copyright 2012 by Alec Austin

“Coyote Gets His Own Back” Copyright 2012 by Sarah Monette

“Wolf Trapping” Copyright 1989 by Kij Johnson (Originally appeared in The Twilight Zone Magazine, April 1989)

“What It Is We Miss When We Don’t Read Fanzines” Copyright 2012 by Christopher J. Garcia

“An Interview with Kij Johnson” Copyright 2012 by Maggie Slater

Publisher—Jason Sizemore

Editor-in-Chief—Lynne M. Thomas

Senior Editor—Gill Ainsworth

Managing Editor—Damian Taylor

Slush Editors—Zakaraya Anwar, Deanna Knippling, Olga Zelenova, George Galuschak, Sigrid Ellis, Andy Arnold, Travis Knight, Michael Matheson, Eileen Maksym, and Kelly Lagor

Graphic Designer—Justin Stewart

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