A hard-edged horror tale. For a shady filmmaker in the early days of Hollywood, it seems like a great opportunity when a disgraced samurai offers to commit seppuku before the cameras. But the cameras are rolling.

Copyright 2001 WordFire, Inc., originally published in Realms of Fantasy, April 2001

Published at Smashwords by Wordfire, Inc.


By Kevin J. Anderson

Sharper than any barber’s straight-razor, the edge of the samurai blade nicked the skin, drew blood. The director hissed in surprise, frowning at his cut finger, then laughed at himself. “How’d you like to slice that across your belly, Mikey?”

As his assistant Michael Kendai watched, Redmond held the blade up to the bright California sunlight that streamed into the makeshift studio though open windows and a cobwebbed skylight. “The katana is real, sir, a century old. More than just a prop.”

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