7 Critical Mistakes Writers Make
(And How to Avoid Them)
Smashwords Edition

© 2012 Angie Dixon


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Chapter 1-Introduction

I originally envisioned this report as a list of common writing mistakes, including grammar, spelling and things like that. After thinking about exactly what I wanted to say and how, I realized that the biggest mistakes I make as a writer have more to do with what I do in my writing life, rather than what I write. I imagine you have at least some of the same issues I do, and I hope my thoughts will help you overcome them.

Chapter 2-Mistake 1: Not Putting Enough Thought into a Piece’s Intent and Audience

Have you ever read an article or a blog post and felt that the author just didn’t get it? Maybe you’ve felt like someone would understand and appreciate what the author of the piece was saying, but you didn’t feel it belonged where you found it?

If you’re like me, you’ve also been guilty of writing pieces that didn’t address the people you were supposed to be talking to. I just finished a piece that I had to completely rewrite. After I finished it and read through it, I realized I was talking to the wrong people.

We all do this. We write from inside our own heads, and sometimes we don’t get out of our heads and into the audience’s heads enough.

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