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This ebook contains important do’s and don’ts of marketing ebooks, useful sales and genre data, and how using the personal knowledge and experiences described in this ebook will improve your foray into the world of self-publishing.

This ebook may also help authors already publishing ebooks, as it contains useful information of which you may not be aware.

Table of Contents

I didn’t know you were a writer

Sales success

Name recognition

Good and bad reviews

What’s popular

Quality not quantity

Building name recognition



I didn’t know you were a writer.

For much of my adult life I’ve been writing one thing or another. I’ve written ads, news stories, puppet plays, short stories, and countless critiques of public speaking pupils. I’ve written poetry and other non-fiction works. I’ve written thousands of love notes to my lover and left them on her pillow, or by the sink, or coffee table, or pinned to an article of her clothing. When I retired due to my physical disability I thought I’d spend my time writing ebooks.

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