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Hypnotizing My Sister

Published by Gregor Daniels at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Gregor Daniels



Her smooth legs, and the hints of a full figure beneath her summer clothes. God. I could stare for days. Her shorts were tight, and delightfully skimpy, showing off a pair of gleaming legs fresh from a shave. Heather prided herself in being in shape, making regular visits to the gym and partaking in runs around the neighborhood. I tried to act decent, to think of other things. Sports perhaps, or cars. But when my step-sister was around, my eyes were magnetized towards her youthful body. Maybe it was because she lived in the same house. There were other pretty girls at school, but none of them tantalized me like Heather did.


Her breasts were breathtaking, to say the least. My step-sister did everything to show them off, wearing garments with revealing necklines, and going without so many buttons undone that it should have been illegal. I don't see how a nineteen-year-old could be so well-endowed. She was lucky. I was lucky. I could stare at them all day, peek at her jiggling cleavage every time we brushed into each other in the hallway. Sometimes she went braless. Five days so far this month; I was keeping count.


"Oh! Uh...." My lips and tongue snaked around as I desperately fought to remember how to form words. I wiped a sliver of drool from the corner of my mouth. My vision hazed over and I struggled to find her eyes, and focused on where I thought they were.

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