STEVEN T. JUDY sparkled in the lights of the television cameras. His murders had made him a “star,” and he loved talking into the microphones and being the center of attention. This photo was taken during an interview with the news media right after Judge Boles sentenced him to death by electric chair on Feb. 25, 1980. From the left: Judy McKinsey, assistant defense attorney, Steve Judy and Steve Harris, Judy’s lawyer.

STEVEN MICHAEL, 1974-1979; MISTY ANN, 1973-1979; and MARK LOUIS, 1976-1979.

This book is dedicated to the memory of beautiful Terry Lee Chasteen and her three children, Misty, Steven and Mark. It is also written with all women in mind, with hopes they will never be faced with such a terrible situation.

One reason this book has been written is to call attention to practices of courts, state hospitals and other state agencies that turn loose on the public persons who have harmed others and will likely do so again.

Another purpose is to make women everywhere extremely careful about accepting help from anyone except law enforcement officers or people they know well. They must realize that behind any friendly smile can lurk a monster; one who tortures, rapes and kills.

This story tells of such a “monster,” and alerts women to some of the situations on which they “feast.”

Special credits

Appreciation is expressed to the Morgan Superior Court staff, the Morgan County Prosecutor’s Office, the Indiana Department of Corrections and Martinsville Daily Reporter.

The grave marker for Terry and her daughter, Misty.

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