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It was the first day of school for best friends Sasha and Mandy. They were walking to school after being dropped off from the bus. The gravel path into the school, which was an old stone building, built on what used to be a hill and nearly surrounded by nothing except for a few fields for extra-curricular sports, was quite narrow and so Sasha ended up walking on the grass while Mandy walked on the path. The birds chirped in the background and Sasha smiled, thinking of how fall could quite possibly be her most favorite season and it was just around the corner. The leaves had yet to turn color, but the temperature had dropped to jacket-wearing. Sasha decided to strike up conversation with her friend.

“So, do you have anything planned for after school? I was just thinking we should do something together,” she asked Mandy.

Mandy, a medium-height brunette just shrugged and twisted one of her curly locks of hair behind her ear. Mandy replied, “Yea, that would be fine if I didn’t have band. You know how much that takes up my free time. We have sectionals tonight.” Sasha missed the human interaction, for the most part because she didn’t really have much at home. Her mom was generally quite distant since the death of her father when she was younger.

“Oh. I’m sorry I forgot it was Wednesday. Maybe tomorrow?” Sasha asked, her voice low.

“Sure,” Mandy replied, “I know it’s the beginning of the school year and all, but we start up in the summer so we are all in our cycles by now.”

“Don’t you ever get bored of it?” Sasha wondered. Mandy really did commit a lot of time to band. At least in this school, mostly everyone was in band. She got labeled a band geek, but Mandy didn’t mind at all.

“You’ve never been to BOA Grand Nationals. The past two years have been amazing. I like meeting people from different cities and all the traveling gets me out of this box we live in,” Mandy commented, a tinge of excitement in her voice. There wasn’t much to do in this town and sports were generally all high schoolers did to keep themselves amused. They couldn’t even drive to school. Apparently in the 1970s there was an accident with some students and the school had banned all students from driving to school. You had to have permission and a card to hang from the rear-view mirror.

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