The Duchess, A Short Story

By Jan Chrnich

Copyright Jan Črnič 2012

Published at Smashwords

Disclaimer: This book is based on some true events, however, has been fictionalized and all persons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Thank you:

I have to thank several people without whom I wouldn’t have been able to finish this story. First I need to thank Sharon who was my proofreader and was patient enough to go through all my mistakes and correct them, and I made many mistakes. Second I need to thank Mark who designed the cover for this book and was willing to take on the task of designing it in the afternoon just before I published this book. Third I need to thank my family and my friends, these are people who inspire me in every way possible. Without their love and support I would have never gotten the inspiration to start writing yet alone write this particular story. And last but not least I have to thank my ex for being the ass he was to me and in hand wanting me to escape to a better world a world I tried to recreate in this story. So a big thank you to all these people and I wish they all remained just the way they are! (Except my ex)

Chapter 1

Andrea was sitting on the back porch of her country estate house, looking at the gardeners trimming the garden. She loved sitting here with a cigarette in hand and a cold glass of lemonade. She was a woman of luxury, a woman who never knew what it meant to be poor, this however never meant she did not care for the well being of those less fortunate than her. The house was very Victorian with a big English garden and surrounded by a forest, it was a reflection of an era when the British Empire was at its highest point, trade and industry were blooming, the rich grew richer but the poor just became poorer. She knew the peace between the classes would not hold, so she with her cunning brain devised a plan, her workers were paid enough to sustain their families with no problems and all of the people who came to work from the outside were paid equally.

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