Simon Haynes

Copyright (c) 2012 by Simon Haynes

Smashwords Edition

A broken-down fugitive with nothing to lose, an arms dealer hiding a deadly secret and an elderly robot set to inherit a vast fortune ... it all adds up to a typical cargo job for freighter pilot Hal Spacejock and his offsider, Clunk.

Baker's Dough features intense rivalry, sublime double-crosses and more greed than a free buffet.

Baker's Dough v 1.01

Hal looked around the bathroom for inspiration, and his gaze fell on the sink. "I've got it," he said. "We'll use this handy block of soap to escape."

"We can't. I don't have any tracking bugs."

"Typical robot. Always thinking of techie solutions." Hal filled the basin, flaking the soap until the watery froth spilled onto the floor. It spread rapidly, running into the stalls and lapping around Clunk's feet, and Hal grabbed the remains of the bar and clambered onto the basin. It creaked underfoot, protesting the rough treatment, but remained attached to the wall. Once he was poised at the window, Hal nodded towards the door. "Are you ready?"

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