“Discussing the plot further would spoil the suspense, so suffice it to say that the journey to the end of the novel is never boring.” – ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

“A solidly written and well-structured thriller. That's no small achievement.” – John Dalton, author of the acclaimed novel, Heaven Lake, Winner of the BARNES & NOBLE DISCOVER AWARD

“Where the River Splits is the perfect read for a quiet vacation on the beach or a winter weekend curled up next to a roaring fire. As an experienced broadcast producer, I think this book would make an excellent movie script!” – KMOV/CHANNEL 4 ST. LOUIS, Dan Dillon, Author of So Where Did You Go To High School?

“May’s writing carries you effortlessly to the climax.” – Robin Theiss, Author, Poet, and Past President of St. Louis Writers Guild, and owner STL Books.

“May writes with wisdom, humor and heart.” – Julia Gordon-Bramer, poet, writer, founder and editor of nighttimes.com

“Through alternating points of view, the reader follows David and Susan as they face grief, surprise, betrayal and tough choices, culminating in a satisfying ending.” – Denise Pattiz Bogard, Author, Founder and Coordinator St. Louis Writers Workshop

“May takes marital posturing to a new level in this highly believable tale of deception and intrigue that carries the reader every step of the way through the foothills and mountains of the American West to the highlands in central Mexico.” – Elizabeth Ketcher, Founder and Director, StudioSTL

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