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Jewels of Gwahlur, Reboxed

by Roberta E. Howard

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Roberta E. Howard

A Conyn the Barbarian story.

A Gender Switch Adventure.

Chapter 1.

Paths of Intrigue

The cliffs rose sheer from the jungle, towering ramparts of stone that glinted jade-blue and dull crimson in the rising sun, and curved away and away to east and west above the waving emerald ocean of fronds and leaves. It looked insurmountable, that giant palisade with its sheer curtains of solid rock in which bits of quartz winked dazzlingly in the sunlight. But the woman who was working her tedious way upward was already halfway to the top.

She came from a race of hillwomen, accustomed to scaling forbidding crags, and she was a woman of unusual strength and agility. Her only garment was a pair of short red silk breeks, and her sandals were slung to her back, out of her way, as were her sword and dagger.

The woman was powerfully built, supple as a panther. Her skin was bronzed by the sun, her square-cut black mane confined by a silver band about her temples. Her iron muscles, quick eyes and sure feet served her well here, for it was a climb to test these qualities to the utmost. A hundred and fifty feet below her waved the jungle. An equal distance above her the rim of the cliffs was etched against the morning sky.

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