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Eerste markdag

Van Precious


Ag nee dankie man, oupa

Beste raket op aarde vir Paul

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Important information

Read the following before using this guide:


The notes that follow are English explanations of the events in the stories. It is important to note that these are notes and not substitutes for the stories It is to use before your examinations. It will refresh your memory and help explain a couple of things you still do not understand.


Answer each question or give the missing word.

The format of the short questions is not the same as what you will get in your examinations. (Your teacher will give you guidance about the format of the questions) The purpose of these questions is so that you can understand the story. If you read the story, study the notes, answer all the short questions and verify your answers by comparing them to the answers at the back of this book, you will know the story well and will get good marks.

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