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A Science Fiction Adventure Novel by P.M. Griffin

Connor, Sogan, and Karmikel are on the planet Jade where Vishnu’s former colonists have been resettled. There, they have several encounters with the local animal life, some dangerous, some pleasant. They bond with a young gurry whom they name Bandit. They discover a plot by a high-ranking official to stage a murderous pirate raid to annihilate the colonists and appropriate the planet’s rare gemstones. In order to thwart that danger, Sogan and Connor must not only fight a space battle against vastly superior odds but also draw upon the massed telepathic powers of Jade’s wildlife.

Excellent SF adventure!”—Andre Norton

In STAR COMMANDOS 02 COLONY IN PERIL, P.M. Griffin has again proven to be the shining star in her genre. This is a fast moving, fast action, ingenious and sometimes humorous plot filled with warmth that will drive you to the last page at a faster rate than a runaway locomotive—and will leave you looking for more. Thank goodness it’s part of a series, promising more of the same great writing in the future.”—Dana Reed, Author, Unholy Alliance & The Fifth Deadly Sin

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