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The Blood of Christ


Sonja Darling


For many centuries mankind has searched the planet in the hope of discovering the most sacred and Holy Relic thought to exist, the Holy Grail. Thought to be a vessel such as a cup or chalice it is said that it contained the blood of Jesus Christ. Many writers and film makers have been inspired by this Holy Relic and numerous fine books and movies have been created because of this fascination. The same fascination also surrounds the equally well known Shroud of Turin; a large piece of linen cloth which many say bears the image of Christ. Another Holy Relic, the Sudarium of Oviedo which bears blood stains, is far less well known but is by no means less important. Both of these relics play an important part in the outcome of this book along with various other findings. Of course there are still many people the world over who believe all or most Holy Relics are fakes. This book is not intended to just revisit old arguments on the subject, but to shed a whole new light on the question of whether Holy Relics such as the Grail actually could exist. The conclusion to this book may well raise a few eyebrows, but it will also offer a brand new theory not yet visited. I hope this book helps you to make up your own mind, or perhaps you already have?

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