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Mixing Business and Pleasure: Fire Eaters and Tequila Sunrise

By Roxie Darling

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Roxie Darling

Cover Image: TheCulinaryGeek & Dave Hogg

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The champagne. The sex. His fantastic body and even better techniques in bed. Everything about Richard Hardwell was perfect. We had just spent a dirty yet fantastic night together in a classy hotel with unlimited room service. This wasn’t just a one night stand in a cheap motel, he’d also told me he’d liked me for six months. Could life get better? Though I hoped nothing would go wrong, I knew that shagging my boss in a company worth billions would be no smooth ride...

The Monday after the weekend before. Richard, not only the person that paid my wage but the man that had determinedly given me about thirty orgasms, walked into the office and as usual the women started redoing their hair and tugging their already tight shirts down to reveal more of themselves to try and grab his attention. Even some of the men puffed their chests out and chatted importantly to each other. It didn’t work, and he walked on unknowingly.

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